Low Vision Aids

Low vision aids for a smoother everyday life

When someone wants to perform everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, doing needlework, or navigating outdoor spaces, it can be helpful to have their hands free.

Our head-mounted systems provide adaptable magnification solutions tailored to meet a diverse range of needs.

We also provide a selection of magnifying glasses, binoculars and other visual aids from Schweizer, but we do not have the rights to sell Schweizer products outside of Sweden.

Multilens invented the world's first Aplanatic system

Our innovative optical systems

We are particularly proud of our optical systems designed to help those who need it most. Multilens founder Lars Hellström created the world's first aplanatic system using technology from the camera industry. Lars and his sons are behind several of Multilen's innovations that have spread around the world - and been copied by other specialised suppliers within special optics!

Headworn systems

Hands free with the magnifier in your glasses

Systems | near

There are several ways to achieve better vision at near distances. In this section you will find our headworn systems adapted for reading and other close-up activities. The ML Aplanat has high magnification but has been designed to maintain as wide a field of view as possible. The ML A2 has a smaller rear lens that fits in most frames.

Solutions for short distance

Systems | distance

Here you will find our systems for longer distances, as well as combination systems for close and long distances. The ML Vidi is a best seller that can be customised for multiple distances and the ML Focus has a variable focus for even greater flexibility. Here you can explore all our distance systems!

Solutions for distance

Book tip: Magnification our rescue

The renowned optometrist Jörgen Gustafsson has extensive experience with customers and patients with reduced vision. He is a popular speaker on the subject of reduced vision and has travelled the world lecturing about magnification, filters and low vision aids.

In the book "Magnification our rescue" he shares his knowledge and experience and gives practical tips and advice.

Other low vision aids

The patient often needs several different solutions