Function and esthetics in harmony

A frame is often chosen from an esthetic perspective, and not always with the best optical solution in mind. But the frame has huge inpact on the end result, especially for more complicated solutions where the lenses require a certain size or tilt.

Choose a frame that will last in the long run

Our frames are specifically designed to hide the glass solution in the best possible way. They are comfortable, robust, and easy to fit. The designs are classic for the solutions to last long.

Our enviromental journey....

...started back in 2015 with a new biomaterial made from castor oil derivatives. Our flirps and several of our cover frames and sunglasses are made from this material. Since then, we have expanded our bio-range. Right now we are phasing over our acetate frames to bio-acetate – a completely plant-based material that is even compostable when the frame is worn out. - 100% bio material - Biodegradable - No phthalates


Frames for all needs

Standard frames

The standard assortment includes classic allround frames, and some that are designed to hide thicker glass solutions.

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Half frames

Our half frames are produced for ML Binova, our concept for reading glasses that always includes prism compensation.

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Sun frames

Our sun frames are designed to offer the best possible sun protection, not least for light sensitive people. They are available in classic models and sport frames.

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Cover frames

Cover frames are in many cases invaluable to the users since their own spectacles can be worn behind the sun solution or filter solution. Don't miss our latest addition, the Filtercover, which despite its neat design are big enough to accommodate most spectacles.

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