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Selective filters absorb disturbing light. But was it that?

The answer to this question lies with your client, as filters cuts away or dims the parts of the light that are perceived as disturbing. They can be used on healthy eyes or for medical purposes, to protect the eyes, create better contrast, or provide increased comfort.

Multilens developed the world's first filters in plastic material

What is the difference between a colour and a filter?

A colour is called a filter when we know exactly what light is being absorbed, and the filter can be re-produced with the same result.

The filter colours are chosen with care and great precision – they are based on 40 years of knowledge about exactly which light is absorbed and to what extent.

What filter should i choose?

Let the customer try different filters and pay attention to the reaction.

It is important to remember that different people experience filters in different ways and it is not possible to promise a specific effect for an individual person.

Please, visit our ML Academy for inspiration and patient cases that exemplify how others have used filters!

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Pioneers in organic filters

– Early on, the Multilens business was located in an old paper mill, in the former home of the factory caretaker. That’s where Lars Hellström started testing different pigments. He had a small hob and pots with colouring mixture and dipped the plastic lenses until he found the right colours, says his son Björn Hellström.

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How to try out filters

Filters are about the patient’s experience and it is not possible to measure which one fits. Therefore, it is important to let the customer try different filters and pay attention to the reaction. The most important question is: "How does this filter feel?"

Tips from Jörgen Gustafsson, optometrist and filter expert

Sharper vision with filter sunglasses

Whether your favourite hobby is skiing, beach volleyball, or fly fishing, filter sunglasses can enhance your experience. They provide high comfort, good contrast vision, and eye protection that far exceeds the minimum levels.

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