Care – one of our core values

The optics industry is changing and we are of course on board. Many of our frames are crafted from biomaterials and can be safely composted once they have fulfilled their purpose.

Sustainable frames - in a double sense

But sustainability is not just about the environment. We also strive for a sustainable working environment and long-term responsible business operations, which in itself contributes to a sustainable society.

We have selected three of the global sustainability goals to focus on!

Our CSR initiatives

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals


For us, good health and well-being mean having the best possible vision, taking into account individual conditions. Our contribution to public health is innovative and qualitative optical solutions, not least for those with the poorest vision. But it is also our responsibility to share our knowledge and many years of experience in the field so that more people can get the help they need.


Our sustainability journey involves transitioning our frames to eco friendly alternatives like bioacetate and utilising raw materials such as linseed oil derivatives. We are scrutinising our production technology to minimise our carbon footprint. Additionally, we offer timeless, high-quality optical solutions to reduce unnecessary consumption and mitigate our environmental impact.


Most of our product solutions are developed, produced and assembled locally in Mölnlycke, Sweden. In this way, we have good control over the environmental impact of our products but also the working environment in production. Our MDR work and ISO 13485 guarantee quality, product safety and sustainability. We have been around for 40 years and will be around for many more!

Our quality work

High quality and long-term customer relationships

MDR and ISO13485

Multilens strives to deliver the highest possible quality in terms of products, services and support. To achieve this, we follow the MDR, the new medical device regulation in the EU. To ensure compliance, we are certified under the ISO13485 quality system.

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