We love challenges!

Odd solutions and high powers? Absolutely! But also high quality standard solutions for all needs. Welcome to our wide range of lenses and accessories.

The lens program extends from uncomplicated single cut glass to advanced, individually calculated progressive designs and is complemented by a wide range of options and add-ons.

One of the widest range of lenses in the world

Our optical quality levels

The final image quality is determined by the optical quality level. Many factors determine whether the difference is noticeable to your customer, such as powers, the shape of the frame and what input data has been taken into account.

Some are more sensitive than others and would benefit greatly from a premium solution or add-on.

Individually optimised optics


XACT is our most advanced lens design. XACT lenses are produced entirely based on individual parameters and also compensate for unwanted prism effect that can be caused by a curved frame. The best solution for: - High powers - Extensive correction for astigmatism - Frames that are not of standard dimensions

Standard optimised optics


PRO is a design that works well for a customer with "normal" parameters. PRO is based on the same advanced calculation technique as XACT but instead of individual parameters, standard parameters are used for panto, Z-tilt and BVD. The natural choice for: - Non-extreme cylinder powers, minus or plus, and frames without large curvature.

Traditional optics


EASY is a traditionally calculated design with a spherical back. EASY is not compensated based on individual or standard parameters so small deviations may occur. The best option: - When you need a value solution that is easy to order and manufacture.

Lens Program

Keep pushing our limits

Single Vision

Multilens has a wide selection of single vision lenses. With one of the market's largest power ranges, we can solve almost any optical challenge. We can also produce single vision lenses in large diameters with decentration, which can be an advantage for large frames.

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The most sophisticated progressive design from Multilens is called UniZone XACT CX and is based on several innovative software tools that together create a progressive solution that is truly unique. They take into account the customer's remaining accommodation capacity, provide less "swim effect" and are easier to get used to. We have progressive lenses in all quality levels and for high powers.

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Bifocals | Trifocals

In some cases, bifocal glasses are the preferred choice. A marked reading section makes it easier to find focus for near distance, and bifocals often provide a wider power range than progressives. Sometimes it is the only alternative for multiple powers in the same lens.

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ML OPTIO | Tailored for special demands

"Optio" is Latin for freedom of choice and only the imagination sets limits to what creative, multifocal glasses we can create. Different parts are milled into a carrier lens to produce a tailor-made, exact optical solution. There are vast possibilities for varying power and prism in different parts of the lens, and placing of segments.

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Options and add-ons

Maximize the efficiency of your lens solution

Optimise the lens

Improve the durability, function and appearance of your lenses by adding one or more treatments. Our range includes hard-coat, anti-reflective coating and mirror treatments, but to further enhance functionality you can also add an ML Filter, polarisation and/or a photochromatic option.

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Special Grindings

To achieve a functional, aesthetically pleasing result, special grinding is sometimes needed. Multilens specialises in creating unique lens solutions for people with low vision and other visual problems.

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