Contact Lenses

Do you need contact lenses for more advanced vision problems?

We manufacture contact lenses for all types of vision problems. Our contact lenses are always customised and made to order in our own production facility in Mölnlycke, outside Gothenburg, Sweden.

Monthly disposable lenses fit about 80% of your customers - we can help the remaining 20%

Quality according to MDR

A CE mark stands for safety and quality, both for you as an optometrist and for your customers or patients. CE labelled products are tested, controlled and documented to be as safe as possible for the user.

Our entire range of contact lenses (except for coloured lenses which are part of a special category) will soon be CE certified.

For all types of vision problems

Each contact lens is tailor-made for your customer

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses rest on the sclera and form a vault over the cornea, offering many advantages, both in terms of comfort and quality of vision. Today's scleral lenses are easy to fit and comfortable to wear. The lenses are filled with unpreserved and unbuffered saline solution that fills in corneal irregularities and creates a perfect optical system. Scleral lenses can be fitted both to people with common visual defects and those with more advanced visual defects such as keratoconus and other forms of irregular cornea, as well as dry eyes.

More about scleral lenses

Corneal Lenses

Corneal rigid contact lenses rest on the cornea and do not reach the sclera. The diameter can vary between approximately 8.5 mm and 11.2 mm and many patients find them easy to handle because of their size. The fluid layer created between the cornea and the back surface of the lens evens out irregularities and produces a clear image and good visual acuity. For example, corneal contact lenses may be suitable for astigmatism and keratoconus.

More about corneal lenses

Soft Lenses

Are lathe cut soft lenses needed today? The simple answer to the question is yes! We see a great need for tailor-made contact lenses, simply because every eye is different. Regular monthly lenses fit about 80 percent of your customers, but we want to be there for the remaining 20 percent. Multilens soft contact lenses, ML Soft, are available in several different materials and can be ordered in the powers and size your customer needs. We produce our own design ML Soft on-site in Mölnlycke, Sweden.

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Looking for lens solutions and other accessories?

In our webshop you will find our therapeutic lenses Orbis TH and all contact lens accessories, such as lens solutions, suction cups, fluomag, fluorescein, lens cases, tweezers, etc. All these non-prescription products are placed as a 'standard order'.

Order therapeutic lenses & accessories

For product details – visit our webshop

Visit our webshop to read about Onefit, RoseK2 and our own contact lens brands. Under product info in the menu, you will find information about parameters, power ranges and indications, etc. There you will also find a document library with fitting guides and links to various calculation tools!

Product info incl fitting guides and calculation tools.


Hydra-PEG is a coating that can be chosen as an add-on to our rigid lenses in all materials. This coating is designed to improve contact lens comfort in several ways: - Better wettability of the lens surfaces - Improved lubricity - Less protein and lipid deposits You can simply add the treatment when you place your order in the webshop.

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Tested and approved contact lens solutions for coated lenses

Choose the right solution for Hydra-PEG


Our solutions

  • Everclean Plus

  • Menicare Pure / Plus

Other solutions

  • AO SEPT plus                     

  • AO SEPT plus med hydraglyde

  • AcuaCare

  • Boston Simplus

  • Cleadew GP

  • ClearCare

  • Extend

  • EasySept Hydro+

  • Lobob

  • Menicon Unique PH

  • Monosept

  • Oté Fine / Oté Clean

  • Oxysept ultracare

  • Refine One Step

  • Regard K

  • Solocare Aqua

  • Total Care

Eye drops

  • Blink Contacts

  • Boston Rewetting drops

  • Hycosan Extra

  • Hylo-Care

  • Hylo-Comod

  • Hylo-Fresh

  • Refresh Optive Mega 3

  • Systane Gel Drops

  • Viscosan

Enzymatic cleaner

  • Ultrazyme

Do not use

  • Boston Advance

  • Crystal Cleaner

  • Meni-Lab

  • Progent

For more information, please visit the Hydra-PEG website