Welcome to our wide range of special optics and contact lenses!

Different solutions and high powers? Absolutely! But also a range of lenses and contact lenses for simpler needs – always in premium quality.

We never compromise when it comes to optics

At Multilens you will find an extensive variety of products with different customisation options and add-ons such as coatings, colours and filters, as well as special contact lenses and visual aids.

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Our basic solutions can be compared with the products you can find at a regular optometrist, but we can offer a wider range of powers, filters and colours.


All our standard solutions are Multilens specific. Often they are a combination of basic solutions, such as lenses with magnification and filters.

They solve complex problems but are easy to customise and order. Curious? Take a look at ML Binova Pro/RX, ML Optio, ML Night Cover, and AMD Comfort.


But of course we can do more - much more!

Do you want the solution to be as thin as possible? As aesthetically pleasing, as functional or as affordable as possible - or something else?

ML Creative Solutions are carefully curated combinations from our product portfolio, spiced up with our know-how. Our solid commitment is to tailor a solution that meets the specific needs of your customer.