Systems | distance

Optics for long distances

The word "distance" is a relative term, but in the context of visual impairment we often mean the distance to a TV or similar. Here you will find our range of headworn optical systems for distance.

Magnification causes a reduced visual field so magnify with care

Your choice of aid depends on the level of magnification needed and the activities your patient wants to perform, such as watching TV or being able to orientate and read signs while walking. The anamnesis is essential!

Systems | distance

Help your patient to watch TV and manage daily work

ML VIDI | Comfortable screen solution for people with low vision

ML Vidi is a telescopic device that has slightly less than double the magnification. Because the magnification is combined with a large field of view, it is possible to see the entire object even up close. Thanks to its front lenses for different working distances, ML Vidi can be used for watching TV, reading on a computer screen or a mobile phone. The first-hand system should be fitted for the distance that is used the most.

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ML FOCUS | Full flexibility with variable focus

The ML Focus is a magnifying monocular system that is even more flexible than the ML Vidi. With a simple turning movement, the focus is adapted to different working distances. ML Focus magnifies up to 2.4 times. The system gives a wide view, allowing the user to get close to the object and still see it completely. The user's own correction can be added and the system can be mounted in any frame.

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ML COMBI | Slight magnification – big difference

ML COMBI is a Galilean telescopic system that magnifies less than optical systems usually do. In turn, it allows for the field of view to remain large. This makes it easier to move around and perform daily activities such as needlework, cooking or eating. With ML COMBI, the user get an overview without having to move the head. The user’s own correction can be added, and the system can be mounted in almost any frame.

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Systems | long distance

When your patient need to navigate outdoors

ML RP | Scales down image for better overview

People with a reduced visual field are not helped by magnification. Rather, they need a system that scales down the image to make it fit into their limited visual field. ML RP is a inverted Galilean system that reduces the image so that more information fits in the field of view. It is used in tunnel vision, often caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa, and widens the field of vision in the same way as a door peephole. The customer's own correction can be added to the system.

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ML BI2 | Headworn binoculars – when needed

ML Bi2 is a small binocular system placed in the upper part of the frame for a temporarily enlarged image, for example to see a house number in the distance. Powers can be obtained in both the spectacle lenses and in the system. In some markets it is allowed to drive with this system. Please check your local regulations.

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