Reading Glasses

Help your customer choose the right reading glasses

There are many parameters that determine how relaxed and comfortable the reading session will be, such as correct PD, appropriate magnification, lens quality, largest possible field of view, good contrast and preferably prism compensation – especially at higher powers.

We have taken all this into account when developing our reading solution ML Binova!

Optimised reading glasses for relaxed reading

Wide range of powers

ML Binova is available in standard powers from +1.0 D up to +16 D. It is also possible to order ML Binova with individual powers, see ML Binova RX.

Prism optics

High addition results in a short reading distance, which means high convergence that can cause eye strain. ML Binova has a built-in prism to reduce the need for convergence.

Filter colour for better comfort

It is possible to add a filter colour for better contrast.

High quality frames

All ML Binova frames are high quality frames developed for best reading comfort - light, stable and with a flexible frame.

Special solutions

For the ones who rely on one eye

ML Mono

ML Mono are reading glasses with high powers (more than +5.0) on one side. The other side has a plano or occluded lens. ML Mono is intended for people with vision in only one eye or when the addition is too high to achieve binocular vision.

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Special solutions

For an extra power boost

ML SightOptimizer

ML SightOptimizer can be used on top of regular spectacles when a little extra power is needed. They provide extra addition and have convergence prisms for comfortable near vision. They are coated with Prima+ for clearer rendering and less distortion. The flexible temples ensure that the spectacles sit firmly without pressing uncomfortably on the head.

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