Meet Johan Sundberg

Professional hiking guide

In his job as a hiking guide, Johan Sundberg is exposed to extremely strong sunlight for long periods. The tours take place at high altitudes in the Alps, in the Atlas Mountains, at the Mediterranean Sea, or in the Jordan Desert. After 22 years as a professional guide, he knows how important it is to protect the eyes.

– Cheap sunglasses from the supermarket can do more harm than good. It is two very different experiences when you compare them to really good sunglasses. Sunglasses are at least as important a detail as the boots!

There are different light conditions in the Alps, at an altitude of 3000 meters than in the Swedish mountains. Due to the extensive exposure to UV light and blue light, Johan prefers to use filter ML450 in combination with Pol 3 – a powerful blue light filter and the darkest possible polarisation.

– After 10 hours at high altitude, among ice, sun, and snow, I used to get tension headaches, even though I wore sunglasses with protection class 4.

With my ML Filter glasses, I feel completely relaxed and do not have to squint.

The filter sunglasses became a completely new experience for Johan, who already from the first time he tried them on noticed a big difference.

– The lenses are by far the best I have had. At first, they felt a little bright, but I noticed how my face relaxed.

Johan has previously used sunglasses according to the motto ‘the darker the glass the better.

– I used sunglasses in class four but I was not allowed to drive with them. It was almost like welding goggles. With filter sunglasses it is different.

Even though they protect so well, they are never too dark. I can wear them all the time – in changing clouds, when driving a car, and when skiing.

Johan also appreciates the contrast-enhancing properties of the filter lens.

– When you move in high alpine terrain with moraine stones, it is important to see the surroundings well, even when it is hazy or cloudy, Johan explains. The filter glasses raise the contour vision enormously – not least in rough block terrain where it is really important to keep track of where you put your feet.

Published 2 august 2023