Filter sunglasses

Removes the interfering wavelengths

See better with filter sunglasses

The filter lens absorbs the harmful and disturbing light but lets in more of the harmless light. Compared to traditional sunglasses, filter sunglasses let more information through – and the wearer gets a better visual experience.

We call it high vision

The filter increases the contrast, which is a great advantage in activities such as golf, shooting, cycling, skiing, fishing, and sailing.

Standard solutions for sun

There are several standard solutions for the sun. Choose between covers, HangOn, and Flip-up, with different polarisation or photochromatic effects.

Short facts about UV-light

* High altitude affects UV radiation – it is 1.5 times stronger at 3,000 m. * Also in the shade, the eyes are exposed to about 50 percent of the sun’s direct UV radiation. * As much as 40 percent of the UV light that reaches our eyes has been reflected from the surroundings and comes from the sides, bottom, cheeks and the inside of the sunglasses.

Filters for outdoor activities

Sunglasses – not only for appearances

Water sports

ML500 | ML511 | ML C1 Due to the reflections of the water surface, the eyes are exposed to extreme light in all types of boating – even when it is cloudy. FILTER CHOICE On a sunny day at sea, the ML500 or ML511 in combination with a Pol 3 filter is the best choice. For less extreme light exposure, the filter colour C1 in combination with Pol 1 is recommended.

Winter sports

ML450 It is important to protect the eyes in all types of winter sports. The brightness on a sunny day with fresh snow at a high altitude can be 10 to 15 times higher than the light level that the eyes can handle. FILTER CHOICE The yellow ML450 with Pol 3 is a suitable filter combination that provides both good protection and good contrast vision, a great advantage when skiing in flat light.


ML527 | ML511 Filter glasses protect the eyes, both from flying hooks and reflective sunlight. But the most important argument for fishermen is probably that they see the fish better when the reflexes are gone. FILTER CHOICE Many fishermen prefer ML527 or ML511 in combination with Pol 1 for good visibility by the water.


ML500 | ML C1 A round of golf can mean many hours of light exposure. In addition to protection against harmful and disturbing light, the filter lens provides better contrast vision – a great advantage when assessing distance or noticing unevenness in the ground. FILTER CHOICE Light orange ML500 with Pol 1 gives very good contrast vision, but many also like the light yellow ML C1 where the colour reproduction is more natural.


ML500 In addition to protecting the eyes, filter glasses increase contrast vision and the cyclist can make faster and better choices. The glasses also reduce problems with squinting and tension. FILTER CHOICE ML500 with Pol 1 is excellent for mixed-light conditions with both strong sunlight and shade.