Filter in everyday life

Normally sighted can benefit greatly from filters

Filters for a more comfortable visual experience

Many people like filters for screen work and find them comfortable when driving, especially in the night, as they reduce glare.

Filters also work well in sports activities, especially water sports or skiing, where reduced glare and high contrast can make a big difference.

Many normally sighted would benefit from filters

For migraines and brain fatigue

More recently, relieving filters are increasingly used for people with neuro-visual conditions such as migraines and symptoms such as brain fatigue and general light sensitivity, where the eyes are healthy but vision is neurologically affected.

Filters for elderly

Many elderly would have better vision with filter glasses

With age comes gradual deterioration of vision. For many, this is a natural ageing of an otherwise healthy eye. But whether your older customers have healthy eyes or an eye disease, filters can be a way to optimise vision.

Contrast vision deteriorates with age

Age affects the contrast vision and it deteriorates the older we get. Both contrast vision and light conditions have a great impact on visual acuity, not least in the oldest age groups.

Photosensitivity common among the elderly

With age, the retina also becomes more sensitive to disturbing light. Many people use regular sunglasses, but they dim all light, across the entire spectrum, and are often too dark for an elderly person in need of good light.

Filter sunglasses

By cutting away the unwanted light with a filter and adding a light polarisation instead, the filter glasses become significantly brighter than ordinary sunglasses.

Filters for younger people

Younger clients complaining about tired eyes or headaches?

There are various reasons for choosing a filter solution even for the younger people with normal vision.

Everyday filters

You probably recognise those clients too – the squinting 40-plus people who suffer from tired and dry eyes or a headache after a long day at the computer. Some also find it difficult to drive in the dark. For those ML LLR is a good option.

Customers suffering from migraines

You might also see customers who suffer from migraines. Many people testify that coloured filters can give a sense of relaxation and calm the visual impressions when having a migraine attack. Our most popular filters for migraine patients are the pink ML41 and the purple ML Lavender. Read about them here.

Filter ML41

ML Lavender

Sunglasses for an active life

Many people are in a constant search for the ultimate sunglasses. In filter sunglasses, a protective UV and blue light filter are combined with a polarising or photochromatic layer for a comfortable day in the sun – hiking, sailing or skiing!

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