Patient Case

David Lingmark

”Kan konturerna bli för tydliga?”

– I tried RGP lenses at St. Erik Eye Hospital after my surgery in 2010. At that time I gave up pretty quickly because it felt like I had gravel in my eyes, and I saw more than enough with my spectacles. I could only wear the lenses for a couple of minutes and I didn’t think it was worth continuing the struggle.

In retrospect I have realised how poor my vision is without correction and how much detail I can see now.

David Lingmark, 31 years

David suffered from vision problems during high school and was diagnosed with keratoconus. David’s younger brother, uncle and cousin have the same condition.

He has undergone cross-linking surgery on the right eye and has Intacs on the left eye, but also uses spectacles or contact lenses.

A year ago I tried scleral lenses but could not get it to work with that particular brand. I could insert the lenses, but when I was trying to remove them, there was a ’suction cup effect’. It felt as if the eye was coming out with the lens, causing severe pain.

But then I got the opportunity to use OneFit and now everything works perfectly. I can wear them for 14-16 hours without a problem – and insert and remove them without trouble.

I have coped well without correction in everyday life, and with glasses I have reached 0.5-0.6 depending on the day.

With lenses I get at least 0.9. In retrospect I have realised how bad I see without correction and how much detail I can see now. I even asked my optometrist if contours can become too clear...

Published 3 october 2023