Eva Zschüttig Wigh | Optometrist and contact lens specialist

– My motivation is to make other opticians succeed with their contact lens fittings!

Eva is in contact with optometrists around the Nordic region who fit different types of specialised contact lenses. She visits them in their practice, holds courses and webinars, meets them on Teams and answers questions about contact lens fittings by email and phone.

My goal is to inspire optometrists to work with special contact lenses, be a resource when choosing a contact lens or offer a helping hand when problems arise. I can give practical tips and help recalculate the parameters of the lens if it needs to be replaced.

I want to spread the message that there is a contact lens for everyone

One of the reasons my job is so enjoyable is the amazing lens designers we work with. It makes my job so much easier and I can feel confident in the recommendations I make.

Because I have worked with these brands for so many years, both at the eye care centre and in stores, I know how much of a difference it can make for a lens wearer to get a really good contact lens. It's all about quality of life!

Published 12 october 2023