Quality & Enviroment

Our customers should experience:

  • High delivery reliability
  • High product quality
  • Good guidance and support
  • Great professional knowledge

We work to ensure that each individual delivery becomes a good reference for future business. We put the customer in focus and help, through our support and our products, to meet their needs. We have high ambitions and set challenging goals regarding customer satisfaction and quality. We are constantly working towards having a higher delivery reliability and fewer complaints. By constantly developing and improving our products and services and adapting them to our customers' needs, Multilens will maintain and strengthen the trust of our customers. All our employees have, and are aware of, their personal responsibility for ensuring that the right quality is produced and together we take overall responsibility for our deliveries. 

We care about the environment
Responsible for the environmental work and environmental management system at Multilens is the company's CEO. In all activities that Multilens conducts, the minimum requirement is that we as a company comply with local and national environmental legislation. 

Management by objectives
An important part of the systematic environmental work at Multilens is based on setting and continuously following up our goals. In the event of a deviation between the target value and the outcome, we take measures and follow up that they have the intended effect. The objectives and actions are documented in written minutes. Among other things, we have goals in the areas of:

  • Quantity of recyclables
  • Quantity of purchased process chemicals
  • Claims, i.e. products that do not pass our quality control (provides a measure of our process efficiency)
  • Material share in our total cost of goods (provides a measure of our process efficiency)

Documentation of standardized working methods
Multilens has worked with routines and instructions in the business for a long time. Knowledge and experience of ISO 14001 (development & implementation) is available from senior staff in the company. At the management level, it is decided that time and resources are set aside for the development and implementation of the necessary standards and procedures.

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