Our CSR Policy

All MULTILENS’s employees act as MULTILENS ambassadors and are the best carriers of the MULTILENS brand. To be associated with respect for human rights and environmentally sound business practice is a top priority for MULTILENS. MULTILENS strives to be a responsible citizen in all countries in which it does business. MULTILENS utilizes the UN Global Compact at the basis for its CSR policy. See
MULTILENS will follow up compliance of this Code of Conduct. Every employee, partner, and supplier therefore has the right and duty, without complications, to report suspicion of serious irregularities and discrepancies to MULTILENS’s MD.

MULTILENS and their suppliers will maintain policies that protect the confidentiality of whistle-blowers who may raise concerns about ethical or legal issues within MULTILENS or its partners. The company has developed activities, mechanisms and targets connected to the principles, in order to monitor and follow up its own as well as partners and compliance and continuous improvement.

1.Comply with laws, rules, and regulations
MULTILENS operates under laws, rules, and regulations. It must comply with all of them and with laws and regulations that apply to its business. All MULTILENS employees and suppliers are responsible for complying with applicable laws for national and international business, i.e., acknowledging, understanding, and following up. Their responsibilities also include seeking legal advice for specific issues.

2.Human Rights
The principle for MULTILENS´s view on human rights is based on principle 1 and 2 in the Global Compact. At MULTILENS this means that we support and respect the principles protecting international human rights within our sphere of influence. We shall ensure that our company is not a party to abuses of these rights.
In contacts with customers, suppliers and the outside world, MULTILENS co-workers shall act in an ethical manner with strict business ethics, thus avoiding involvement in relations and activities that violate human rights.

3.Policy for Labour standards
The principle for MULTILENS’s view on labour standards is based on principles 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the Global Compact:
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
MULTILENS supports the right of free association and, where a significant proportion of the workforce agree, collective bargaining of employees. MULTILENS does not discriminate against Worker’s representatives or members of Trade Unions.

Child labour
MULTILENS does not employ or use child labour. In these Principles “child” means anyone under 13 years of age, unless national or local law stipulates a higher mandatory school leaving or minimum working age, in which case the higher age shall apply. “Child labour” means any work by child or young person unless it is considered acceptable under the International Labour Organization (ILO) Minimum Age Convention 1973 (C 138), see more information at MULTILENS secures that persons under the age of 18 do not perform any hazardous work, that is, MULTILENS does not expose children to physical, psychological or sexual abuse or to work with dangerous equipment, exposure to hazardous substances, agents or processes, temperatures, noise levels or vibrations; particularly difficult conditions such as work for long hours or at night.

Non discrimination
MULTILENS’s managers are responsible for ensuring that equal opportunities exist within their units and for implementing initiatives that prevent discrimination and harassment related to gender, ethnic background, sexual preferences, and disabilities. Working at MULTILENS is a commitment to respectful treatment of all colleagues. All employees are responsible for treating each other and other people with respect they come in contact with through work. They must strive to prevent discrimination.

Employment conditions
MULTILENS and their suppliers provide remuneration that meets any national legal standard on minimum wage. Moreover, MULTILENS secures that working hours are not excessive and as a minimum comply with applicable local laws. The company respects the individual employee’s need for recovery and secure that all employees have the right to adequate leave from work with pay. Managers at MULTILENS secure that all employees are provided with written agreements of employment setting out employment conditions in a language understandable to the employee.

4 Health and safety
MULTILENS secures that the workers are provided with a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with internationally recognized standards. MULTILENS control hazards and take necessary precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases. Whenever necessary employees are to be provided with adequate and regular training to ensure that employees are adequately educated on health and safety issues

5 Environment
The principle for MULTILENS’s view on the environment is based on principles 7, 8 and 9 in the Global Compact:
Principle 7: Business should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges; Principle 8: Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;
Principle 9: Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
At MULTILENS this means that business operations shall consider risks from an environmental perspective. We shall be familiar with global environmental issues and aim to take advantage of opportunities for direct positive impact in our business. All the materials we use shall come from suppliers who actively work to ensure that materials are sound.
All packaging shall be reduced to a level that is sufficient to avoid damage to the products. Packaging materials shall meet durability requirements and, after usage, be recyclable or reusable. MULTILENS´s goal is to minimize its environmental impact and continuously improve its environmental performance. Environmental issues shall be central to our product development and how we plan our operations where there are significant environmental effects.

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