Soft Lenses

Customised soft contact lenses for specific needs

Multilens manufactures all kinds of customised soft contact lenses, even for unusual visual disorders or abnormal eye shapes. You can get them in the diameter and base curve that suit your customer's needs.

If you want to discuss ideas about which lens to choose or ask questions about customisation, you are welcome to contact our contact lens support.

Soft Lens assortment

In our webshop you will find information about all our soft contact lenses. There is also a document library with fitting guides and other useful documents, as well as links to various tools.

Soft Lens assortment

Coloured contact lenses

If your customer needs a coloured lens for comfort, contrast or protection, we provide both simple and more advanced tinting in our production in Mölnlycke, Sweden.

When ordering, please specify the base curve and diameter of the lens, and the desired diameter for the colouring of the iris and pupil.

Filters and light-reducing colour
Filters can help light-sensitive people to reduce light and have a more comfortable visual experience.

Colouring contact lenses is still a skilled craft

Aesthetic colouring
If you have a customer with a damaged eye or a desire to change their eye colour, there are several colour options to choose from.

For iris prints, you can take photos of the eyes in daylight and attach them to the order.

We only colour our own ML Soft lenses. Silicone hydrogel cannot be coloured.