Scleral Lenses

An innovation that changed lens wear

In the early 2000s, the possibilities of contact lenses were revolutionised by the introduction of a new type of rigid contact lens.

Modern scleral lenses have become a valuable solution for patients with keratoconus, dry eyes, severe astigmatism, and other eye problems.

Scleral lenses provide your customers with excellent vision correction and comfort!

Scleral lenses – a problem solver

Easy to fit and comfortable to wear


Onefit is a modern, rigid scleral lens that provides the comfort of a soft lens while delivering visual acuity comparable to that of a corneal lens! Onefit is among the smallest and thinnest scleral lenses on the market, for optimal oxygen transmission and long-term eye health.

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Hydra-PEG is a coating that can be chosen as an add-on to our rigid lenses in all materials. This coating is designed to improve contact lens comfort in several ways: - Better wettability of the lens surfaces - Improved lubricity - Less protein and lipid deposits You can simply add the treatment when you place your order in the webshop.

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