Magnification our rescue - a guide for reduced vision

 Magnification our rescue - a guide for reduced vision

Author: Jörgen Gustafsson

More people live longer these days. This means that there is a growing need for opticians who help people with reduced vision.

The guide is written to contribute knowledge and experience so that more optometrists can get started. For the optometrist it is an opportunity to get new customers and it is also an opportunity for more people with incipient visual impairment to get help. The guide is written for opticians and students. Much of the content can also be used in visual rehabilitation.

The author Jörgen Gustafsson has a long experience of working with people with visual impairments, both in his work at visual centers and in his long collaboration with Multilens, who manufactures special optics. Jörgen Gustafsson received his PhD in 2004 with "Optics for the Visually Impaired" and since 2014 he has also been an assistant professor at the optometry education in Kongsberg.

The book is only available in Swedish.



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