Anders Larsson | ML Vidi

- For the last 25-30 years, I have worked with the mounting of our optical systems, our different flirps and various other solutions, but since I have been here since 1990, I have been in several different departments, everything from the grinding department to the "dura" where we coat the lenses.

The family business Multilens was started in 1983 by Lars Hellström and initially the staff consisted of Lars, his wife and three sons. But as the business grew, people who were not related began to be hired - first up was Anders.

I was number seven in the company today we have 80 employees!

- The brothers continue to run the company and there's still a family atmosphere, but as the company has grown, everyone has become more specialised - which is necessary with today's high demands on medical devices.

Anders and his colleague in the department grind down the objective lens and correction lens to the right shape and assemble the various parts into a finished pair of glasses that can be delivered to the end customer.

- The most fun is when the optician who ordered the system does not send a ready-made proposal but asks us to help him find the best solution. The people who need our systems have very poor vision and are often incredibly grateful to be able to see and manage their everyday life a little better.   

Published 18 october 2023