It is usually quite difficult to meet the wish for high magnification in combination with a wide visual field. The ML A2 has been designed to retain the visual field to a great extent despite magnification of up to 13 times.

By dividing the power into two lenses, and turning the plano surfaces toward the eye and the object, a very high image quality is obtained. The image is sharp from edge to edge which gives the advantage that the letters will move over the retina with the same steady speed.

The visual field is a very essential part for a low vision device. It affects orientation, comfort and confidence. One of the biggest advantages with ML A2 compared with telescopic systems is the wide visual field.

There are four different powers of objective lenses (35mm) and four different powers of ocular lenses (25mm). Each lens is inscribed with tiny identification marks indicating the power of the lens.

This system makes it easy to incorporate a cylinder correction. Simply add the black correction ring at the back, edge the correction lens down to 22 milimetres and then press it into the ring. No screws are needed.

The design of the housing is intended to reduce material covering the visual field. This improves the comfort, the confidence and the orientation for the user.

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