Onefit MED

Onefit MED has a larger diameter with 15,6 mm as standard. Onefit MED is an intuitive scleral lens that provides you with control to customize the ideal lens for highly irregular and medically indicated cornea or even normal corneas when a larger diameter is needed. Designed to allow the practitioner to fully customize the fit, adjustments are possible in four separate zones of the lens (Central, Mid-peripheral, Limbal and Edge). To easily find the exact location of the Mid-Peripheral and Limbal zones, the diagnostic lenses are etched with solid lines that can be observed at the slit lamp or OCT image.

Onefit MED is fitted after sagittal high (SAG) and can be ordered from SAG 3800 to 6200 micron

Onefit MED is available spheric, front toric, multifocal and with toric periphery, in prolate or oblate / revers geometry design

Unstable vision with soft contact lenses. Intolerance to soft or corneal RGP contact lenses

Corneal astigmatism or high ametropia

Irregular cornea. Post graft. Dry eyes. Post Lasik/Lasek

The configurator information is only available for Multilens registered partners

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