ML Bilux

ML Bilux greatly dampens light from the sides, while you still see clearly straight ahead. ML Bilux comes in 2 variants: Bilux Iris and Bilux Franklin.

ML Bilux Franklin is designed so that the upper and lower parts of the lens are different shades.

If not specified, the upper section of the lens is amde darker (97% dark) than the lower section (85% dark). The line between the two zones is sharp and can be placed at any height.

ML Bilux iris have a circular section with a higher transmission directly in front of the eye.

If not specified, the lenses are made 97% dark, except for a 10 mm diameter zone right in front of the eyes, where it is 85% dark.

The standard frame for ML Bilux Iris is Biocover, however other frames can also be used. ML Bilux Franklin and ML Bilux Iris is great to combine with all of our filter colours.

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Biocover M Black ML Bilux Iris

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