Wear your visual aid as a jewellery. Our hang loupe jewellery branded Visiomio are available in different motives. A must have for those with experienced eyes, who feel that that they sometimes need extra visual aid for example price tags in the shop.

Short facts about the hang loupe jewellery from Visiomio:

Magnifies up to 10 dio (2,5 x)

Available in several different motives

Available with a back in silver or gold

String, for hanging the jewellery, can be purchased in five different colours (neutral, black, brown, red and blue)


CB String Black For Visiomio

CBR String Brown For Visiomio

CN String Nature For Visiomio

CR String Red For Visiomio


CRB String Blue For Visiomio

Visiomio Tornado

Visiomio Wood

Visiomio Sapphire

Visiomio Ruth

Visiomio Poppy

Visiomio Metal

Visiomio Sunshine

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