Combi Short

Correction can easily be incorporated into ML Combi Short.Press the correction ring on the ocular side and the press a 22 mm diameter lens in to the ring. No screws or adhesives are needed.

The design of the housing reduces so called ring scotoma. In other words, there is less material to obscure the peripheral field of vision.

The large diameter of the ocular lens of ML Combi Short means that the exact position of the system is less critical than it is for stronger telescopic systems.

The design of ML Combi Short makes it possible for the wearer to look through the mounting lens if desired and it is therefore possible to order a mounting lens with correction.

Fitting the ML Combi Short into a frame could not be easier. The mounting lens with its special edging part is as easy to edge as a plano lens.

  • Total: 2

ML Combi Short - 4

ML Combi Short - 3

  • Total: 2

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