Telescopic device that has slightly less than double the magnification. By combining this with a very wide visual field, it is possible to get closer and still see the whole object. And because the distance is shorter, this in itself magnifies the object and the real magnification on the retina becomes higher.

The wide visual field makes it possible to get closer whilst still seeing the entire object, thus enabling a lower telescopic magnification.

The shorter the distance to the object the steadier the picture will be. Any head movement has a less disturbing effect.

Front lenses allow the focus distance to be changed simply and quickly. Available in powers that adjust from far distance down to 10 cm.

The large diameter of the ocular lens means that the exact position of the system is not as critical as it is for most other telescopic systems.

The designed enables the wearer to look beside the system. Therefore, you can order the carrier lens with correction wich is appreciated by people with myopia.

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ML Vidi Basic System 1 1,8X

ML Vidi Basic System 1 1,6X

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