ML RP is a optical system that is mounted into a frame. The system makes the image smaller which means a wider field of view. A good analogue is to compare the ML RP with a peephole for doors.

The ML RP is an inverted Galilean system with a magnification of 0.5X.

The system is very easy to mount in a frame. It should be used as a bi system mounted above or under the patient's normal angle of vision.

A correction and a filter can be incorporated into the system.

The ML RP Monocle looks like a magnifier that you have in a strap around your neck. Instead of magnifying, ML RP Monocle minifies. This means a wider filed of view.

The standard power of the lens is -7, but ML RP Monocle is avalible also in powers -8 and -9.

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RP System

RP Monokel -7

RP Monokel -8

RP Monokel -9

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