A simple turning movement easily adjusts the focus to the different working distances you require. ML Focus magnifies up to 2.4 times. The system gives an extremely large field of vision and it is therefore possible to look at an entire object at close range. Because magnification is produced by the shorter distance, this means the actual magnification experienced on the retina is greater.

A short distance reduces the need to hold the telescopic system completely still which means that shakes and trembles are less annoying.

The wide visual field makes it possible to get closer whilst still seeing the full object, enabling a lower telescopic magnification.

The system magnification of the ML Focus 1.7X ranges from 1.6X to 2.0X with an average magnification of 1.7X. For ML Focus 1.9X, the magnification ranges from 1.7X to 2.4X.

A focal depth that can be adjusted from infinite to about 35 cm.

The shorter the distance to the object the steadier the picture will be. The effect of an unwanted head movement is less disturbing.

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ML Focus basic system 1,9X

ML Focus basic system 1,7X

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