A big challenge for visually impaired people is to get a perception of, and navigate in, the surroundings. When it is impossible to read signs, see what it says on a bus or not being able to read information boards, one simply need some kind of aid to have a good life. Many times a monocular is the solution for these people. Monoculars primary purpose is to aid in distance seeing. It works fine for reading signs and information boards. SPECWELL Monocular is a small and lightweight telescopic system with adjustable focus. SPECWELL monoculars are suitable for handheld use as well as for mounting in spectacles (the lower powers).

Multicoated achromatic precision optics

Lightweight housing in matt black colour

Focus from about 250 mm to infinity

Invertible eye-cup enabling optimal use also for spec-tacle wearers

Small, handy & robust design, cord and softcase included

  • Total: 7

Specwell kikare 2,75x8

Specwell kikare 3,8x11

Specwell kikare 4x12

Specwell kikare 6x16

Specwell kikare 8x20

Specwell kikare 10x30

Låsring till kikare

  • Total: 7

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