Order information

Warranty claim for standard articles

If you’re unsatisfied with products you purchased from us, you can return your item(s) as follows:

  • The product must be unused
  • The packaging is intact and not scuffed / has no dents
  • We still have the product in our standard range

The requirement is that we can sell the product again.
If these requirements are met we will pay the cost as follows:

  • If the product is returned within 30 days, we will repay the entire amount
  • If the product is returned after 30 days, but within 180 days we will repay 85% of the amount
  • We will not give you any refund if you return the product 180 days after it has been sent out

Exchange and return policies for contact lenses

To increase the security, there is the possibility to buy our contact lenses with exchange and return rights. This means that the first ordered lens can be exchanged at no cost or returned  for credit of the lens cost by 50% within 90 days as from delivery date.
Enter the original order number when reordering.

For some types of contact lenses, the exchange and return right is standard, and for others it’s not.

We follow the following policies:

  1. Rose K2, Multilens brand RGP lenses, Menicon RGP-lenses, MSD & Onefit are sold as standard WITH warranty exchange or return rights. If you do not want to have the exchange rights, state this on the order
  2. Soft contact lenses are sold as standard WITHOUT the warranty exchange or return rights. If you want to have the exchange rights, state this on the order
  3. Innovative, not standard coloured contact lenses and bandage lenses cannot be purchased with warranty rights


User warranty

  • User warranty can be applied if your customer can not adapt to progressive lenses, Multilens offers to change to another solution. Such solutions may, for example, include separate single vision glasses for distance and near. Payment will be applied for the most expensive solution. User warranty is valid 3 months from receiving the lens/lenses and is applicable 1 time/order.
  • In addition to progressive lenses, the user warranty also applies to our Optio-solutions, RS28, aniseikonia, and slab-off solutions.
  • User warranty does not apply when changing prescription, PD, height, or other parameters that have been entered incorrectly when placing the order.
  • User warranty does not apply to lenses ordered outside the range of highest or lowest recommended mounting.
  • User warranty does not apply to orders where Multilens support recommended a different solution than the customer ordered.
  • Filters/colours are not included in the user warranty as this must be chosen and tested before ordering.

Multilens reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or change the user warranty without notice or explanation.

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