The big difference between filter sunglasses and sunglasses is that filter sunglasses absorbs unwanted light and sunglasses absorbs a part of all light. You can compare it with hearing protection that only reduces the noise while letting all useful sound through (filter sunglasses) and a normal hearing protection that reduces all kind of sounds (sunglasses). You can also customize filter sunglasses and determine what kind of light is considered as noise. This is extremely important and what we perceive as annoying light is individual. Read more here about these differences in practise.

In short, filter sunglasses gives better protection, better contrast and more comfortable vision than normal sunglasses.

What difference does Filter sunglasses mean for you?

You can see better in all situations.

The first thing you notice is the more crisp vision. To filter out only the unwanted light means that you take more use of the wanted light. With Filter sunglasses, more useful light is reaching the eye (compared with normal sunglasses) without experience glare, which means you can see better. As an example, with Filter sunglasses, it does not get extremely dark when driving into a tunnel.

Extra good vision when needed most

You should chose Filterglass in your sunglasses depending on what you will use them for. If contrast is important (for example when skiing) a certain part of the light should be absorbed and if you will use them for driving another part.

Glare reduction

All our Filter sunglasses includes a polarized layer as a standard, which reduces disturbing glare and reflections to a minimum. It is of course possible to get Filter sunglasses without polarization if that is desired.

Customized optics

Our more than 35 years experience from optics, light, filter and eyes tells us that different people have different demands of optics. That's why we offer all our Filter sunglasses in three levels depending on vision sensitivity and demands.

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