ML Night Cover

Many people experience problems with glare while driving at night. One reason for this problem is because of the bluish light commonly used in new modern car headlights, typically LED-lights. Another problem that some people experience is reduced visual ability because of night myopia.

ML Night Cover has the following features:

  • A special filter color that blocks the most intense blue light but let’s through as much of the remaining light as possible
  • Always comes with an anti-reflex treatment for maximal transmission of light and reduction of disturbing reflexes
  • Also available with corrections for night myopia (-0,25 and -0,50)

The filter reduces the glaring peak in the wavelength spectrum of LED lights, whilst it is designed to reduce the total amount of light as little as possible. We named the filter ML Filter LLR (LLR = LED Light Reduction). The filter is obviously standard in all our ML Night Covers, but is also possible to tint on our standard lenses in the same way as our other ML Filters.



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