ML Filter colours

All ML Filter have 100% blocking of UV light below 400 nm. 

ML Filter for people with normal sight and impaired vision

ML Filter 400 - Lightly tinted lens that is comfortable and relaxing for most people. Absorbs some of the shortwave blue light. Colour: Light yellow.

ML Filter C1 - Allows parts of the blue light transmits to maintain a natural color perception. Absorbs 80% of the harmful shortwave blue light. Colour: Yellow.

ML Filter 450 - Absorbs all of the harmful shortwave blue light. Colour: Lemon.

ML Filter 500 - Allows a small part of the blue light transmit to have some color perception. Absorbs 95% of all blue light. Colour: Yellow.

ML Filter 511 - Orange lens. Absorbs all blue light. Colour: Orange.

ML Filter 527 - Absorbs all the blue light and some parts of the green light. Colour: Dark orange.

ML Filter for people with impaired vision

ML Filter 550 - A clearly red lens that absorbs all blue light and most of the green light as well. Colour: Red.

ML Filter 585 - Dark red lens that only allows parts of yellow light and red light to transmit. Colour: Dark red.

ML Filter for night driving

ML Filter LLR - LED Light Reduction - Absorbs shortwave blue light with focus on eliminating the uncomfortable blue light from modern car head lights. It also increases the comfort for computer work. Colour: Light yellow.

Comfort Filters

Our comfort filters have been developed to have a specific absorption of certain part of the spectrum. This have been proven to be effective for patients with different kind of neuro visual problems. The leading hypothesis is that the brain’s ability to filter information has deteriorated after an injury or disease. This leads to over stimulation of the brain, leading to different symptoms, such as light sensitivity, balance problems and tinnitus.

Some of the patient groups that can benefit from this kind of filters are:

• Post-concussion syndrome (after concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury – TBI)

• Stroke

• Brain fatigue

• Blepharospasm

• Migraine

When trying these filters, it’s important to keep in mind that visual comfort is more interesting than visual quality. You should always ask yourself or the patient “how does it feel with this filter?” rather than “How do you see with this filter?”

Our comfort filters exist in three different colours and each colour in three different light transmission levels; Light, Medium and Dark. All three colours are used by Eye Care Practitioners for patients experiencing visual stress after head injury to relieve symptoms.

ML41 - A pink lens that absorbs some of the blue light but also a bit of the green. The greatest absorption lies in the boundary between blue and green. There is a proven effect at benign essential blefarospasm (BEB), both in terms of photosensitivity and blink frequency. Many people perceive the filter as generally comfortable and many experiences a relief in migraines. Colour: Pink.

Emerald - A green lens that absorbs the short-waved blue light as well as the yellow light. The main focus on the transmission is on long-wave blue light and green light. Colour: Green.

Sapphire - A blue lens that absorbs yellow light. The main focus on the transmission is on blue light. Colour: Blue.


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