About our lenses

For many years we have been confirmed again and again that even seemingly small improvements in the visual experience can be important. Therefore, we are use the coating SunCoat as standard in our ready-made Filter Glasses.

Materials in our lenses

Index 1.5, CR39
All ML Filters are available with this lens material. The main advantages are its wide range of powers, high optical quality and stable tinting performance.

PC - Polycarbonate
Molded polycarbonate lens with 2.0 mm thickness. Available for most ML Filter and in combination with light or dark polarization. Always includes SunCoat, a backside anti-reflective coating to minimize reflections from behind. The lens main advantages are durability and filter stability. Since the lens is molded, the price is benificial compared to equivalent CR39 lens. Only available in plano power.

TAC - Triacetate
A pressed 1.0 mm plano lens in Triacetate. The main advantage is its competitive price. Only available in plano power and a few basic tints.


SunCoat is a surface treatment that reduce reflection from the back side of the lens. This significantly decreases the disturbing reflections of light coming from your cheeks. The darker the lens is, the more destructive the reflective light can be.

ML Prima+
Our well known basic treatment. A very good multicoat including ML Dura, high transmission and the top layer Aqua-coat that reduces the effect of dust and water.

ML Prima+ Sun
A treatment designed for sunglasses in CR39. Both front and back surface have the ML Dura treatment for increased scratch resistance. The back side has the ML Prima+ treatment to increase the comfort and to reduce the annoying reflexes on the inside of dark sunglasses.

A mirror coating in three different colours; Gold, silver and blue. Includes hard coat, sun coat and a mirror coating on the front of the lens. For good mirror effect we recommend ML Mirror on top of at least 50% colour.


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