Filter for comfort and contrast

ML Filter enhancing contrast, increases comfort and protects the eyes. Most people, especially those with some kind of visual impairment experience better visual function with ML Filter in their glasses.

ML Filter increases the contrast, improves the comfort and protects the eyes. Many people with vision loss confirms that they have better vision with ML Filters in their glasses.

ML Filter improves vision in two ways:

  • Increases the contrast, making it more easy to see details, reading and detects things in the surrounding
  • Removes the disturbing blue light, making it more comfortable to see

ML Filter is a special kind of tinting of ophtalmic lenses

ML Filter is a special tint that eliminates or greatly reduces the transmission of blue light. ML Filter is available in 7 options, with an appearence ranging from slightly yellow (ML Filter 400) to dark red (ML Filter 585). The most commonly used filters are the yellow to orange.

ML Filter absorbs blue light

What differs ML Filters from normal tints is that there is a quick transitions from absorbing one wavelength to transmitting it. This difference can be hard to tell if only judging the appearence of the lenses but have a huge impact on the experience when looking through the lens, especially in bright environments.

What ML Filter that suits you best is hard to tell since it's really individual what we prefers. Ask your eye care specialist to try the different variations to find the best alternative for you.

ML Filter, polarization and photocromic options

ML Filter is ideal to combinde with a polarized or photocromic layer to really customize the lenses after intended use. Polarized lenses eliminates disturbing glare and reflections. This combination becomes high quality Filter sunglasses. Photocromic lenses darkens when exposed to UV light and varies from transparent indoors to around 10 % transmission in bright sunlight.

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