An innovative solution that offers a life improving difference

ML Grand Max offers an image magnification of 18%. In some markets (different requirements of visual field), this innovation can determine the possibility of receiving a driving license.

The solution ML Grand Max is built out of two ML Grand lenses with 9% magnification each. The assembly of these two lenses creates a lens with 18% magnification.

We have seen, in our pilot study in Israel, that the magnification in many cases gives the patient an improvement of 2 lines on the test chart. In the clinic in Israel over 20 patients have been helped by using ML Grand Max. They have seen good results and more importantly, the patients have been very satisfied.

Advantages with ML Grand Max:

  • A significant increase in magnification , while maintaining an almost full visual field.
  • The optical properties of the solution allows eccentric viewing
  • an increase visual acuity so you can keep or obtain a driving license in some markets
    (local regulations must be respected)
  • Gives full mobility

Product facts:

  • 18% magnification
  • Available with or without C1
  • Available in SunGuard 1, Black and Hazelnut
    (Limited options of frames due to the heavy weight of the solution and complex production process)
  • Always Prima+
  • ML Grand Max flirp is also available fo testing
  • Power range: Sph. -2.0* to +4.0 Cyl. -2.0
    (no prisms possible)
  • An adjustable silicone cord is part of the solution
  • Side shields Pol1 or C1 can be ordered additionally

*= Max possible minus power, i.e. minus sphere and minus cylinder combined

Note: due to quality issues, the production of ML Grand Max is temporarily suspended. More information will come at a later date.




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