Our Stock Lenses

We have a lot of different stock lenses for different purposes. 

EC stock classic

We offer some economic stock lenses with different coating options. We don't keep this on stock ourself so the delivery time is a few days longer. See exact range in the price list. 

Stock classic

Our standard stock products is possible to coat with our premium coatings. Also possible to tint in all our filter colours or other tints. See the price list for exact power and diameter range.

Plano stock lenses 

Our plano stock lenses with different thickness and base curves are meant to be used for tinting and as mounting lenses for our systems. 

  • Plano with base curve 5 and center thickness 2.0 mm
  • Plano with base curve 6 and center thickness 3.0 mm
  • Plano with base curve 8 and center thickness 2.2 mm (with prism compensation)


Plano filter lenses

We have a wide range of plano stock lenses including ML Filter. Most lenses are made of Polycarbonate and includes SunCoat. They are available in base curve 6 and 8, with and without polarization. For UV, ML Filter 400, ML Filter 585 in base curve 8, the lenses are made of CR 39 with ML Prima Sun. 

Size plano filter lenses

The plano stock lenses are available in different sizes:

PC Base 6 w/o pol          HBox: 72     VBox: 53
PC Base 6 with pol          HBox: 72     VBox: 53
PC Base 8 w/o pol          HBox: 77     VBox: 53
PC Base 8 with pol          HBox: 77     VBox: 53
CR39 Base 8 w/o pol                    Ø 75
CR39 Base 8 with pol                    Ø 72

Plano drivewear lenses

We have plano lenses with Drivewear technology. Drivewear is both polarized and photochromic and have a base tint of 65 %. These lenses are made of the material Trivex. Trivex has a high durability and should be edged with same method as polycarbonate. All plano drivewear lenses also have a Suncoat on the back surface. 

Occlusion lenses

We have four alternatives for occlusion:

  • White occlusion - a frosted lens
  • Cosmetic occlusion - a special occlusion that makes the eye visible behind the lens and still provides a significant occluding effect. 
  • Beige occlusion - a frosted lens with beige colour
  • Black occlusion - a black occlusion



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