Single Vision

SV Xact™

ML Xact is our highest quality solution. It is based on the new calculation design. It takes several individual measures into account and also compensates for the unwanted prism effect caused by the Z-tilt of the frame. 

• Individually optimised lens
• Improved visual definition in all gaze directions
• Prism compensation

The best solution for higher powers, high astigmatism correction and off standard frame values.         

Engravings Default parameters
Sign: S   To be specified
Symbol: Δ    

SV Pro™

ML Pro is based on the same advanced calculation technology as ML Xact but instead of individual parameters, standard parameters are used. Still, the optical image is optimised in all directions. 

• Fully compensated lens using standard parameters
• Improved visual definition in all gaze directions

The optimal and easy choice for more common values in minus, plus, cylinder and wrap angle.

Engravings Default parameters
Sign: S   CVD: 13 mm
Symbol: ▷   FFT: 4 degrees
    PT: 6 degrees

SV Easy

A traditional calculation with a spherical back surface. With this quality (non-compensated) small deviations may occur.

• Easy lens to produce
• Easy to order

Layers, treatments and colour

Single Vision High Powers

Lenti Pro™

Lenti Pro has a lenticular zone of 40 mm and have a back surface atoric design with an individualized asperization in both meridians for all powers. Optimized calculations for all base curves. Total lens diameter is 68 mm. 

Lenti Easy

Lenti Easy has a lenticular zone of 40 mm and have a spherical design. The peripheral optical quality is decreased because of the spherical geometry. When a changed base curve is desired, SV Easy is not recommended. Total lens diameter is 68 mm.

Omega (Aspheric)

Omega has an optical zone of 40 mm with a seamless overlay to the carrier. Omega has an aspherical design. Total lens diameter is 67 mm. 


X-Lenti has an optical zone of 35 mm and with a spherical design. Because of the small zone, this is a good option for the really high powers. Also available as stock lenses with powers +12, +16, +20 and +24. Total diameter of 62 mm.

Layers, treatments and colour



Hyperocular is available in six powers described with magnification based on the equivalent power. The available options are: 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 10x and 12x. The optical zone is variable from 30 mm to 40 mm depending on power. Total diameter is 65 mm for all versions. See table below for description on how to measure Hyperocular. Hyperocular is injection molded in PMMA. PMMA is rather scratch resistant but has poor UV protection.
Not possible to add coating or tints. 

Measuring Hyperocular
Hyperocular is ordered in equivalent powers and will measure in a lens meter as follows:

Noted power Optical zone Ø Equivalent Back vertex power
4x 40 +16 +18
5x 36 +20 +24
6x 34 +24 +27
8x 32 +32 +39
10x 31 +40 +52
12x 30 +48 +70



ML Optio Mini Lenti was previously called Child Lenti because the main purpose is for children with high plus powers and small frames. This can still be used for other high plus powers to reduce weight and thickness. Carrier lens is plano and the lenticular zone is possible to decenter to fit larger frames. The standard zone size is 25, 28 or 30 mm.

Layers, treatments and colour


lens drawing  

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