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Standard glasses may not always be the optimal choice for competitive target shooters, fighter pilots or conductors. Why, for example, do bifocal glasses always have a smaller area for near vision and a larger area for far vision? Why not the other way round? "Optio" is a Latin word that means freedom of choice. The design of our special lens for creative solutions is essentially only limited by the imagination. Different parts are milled into a carrier lens to produce a tailor made, exact optical solution. There are vast possibilities for varying power and prism in different parts and the placing of segments. 

Possibilities and variations

Different prisms in different segments 

In ML Optio, it is possible to have different prisms in different segments. For example, prism base out only in far distances or prism base in only in near distances. 

Strong addition 

ML Optio offers strong addition options. Unwanted image jumping can be avoided by using a low segment and placing the optical centre together. 

Special placement of segments 

ML Optio offers the option of completely specifying segment placement.

Smaller lenticula 

With ML Optio you can obtain a lenticular that is adapted to the frame (e.g. children's frames). SV or bifocal.

Extra segment combined with multi focal lenses 

ML Optio can be combined with any type of bifocal or multi focal lenses. 

Examples of creative solutions

Relieving prism

When addition exceeds five dioptres, an adjusted prism base in needs to be introduced as a convergence aid for binocular vision.

"Lens for a craftsman" 

There is a prism base up in the upper segment, which will prevent neck musculature problems. 

"Conductor/Pilot lens" 

Where a smaller field of vision is required for far distances and a very large field is required for sheet music, cockpit controls etc. at close distance. 

"Advanced solutions for low vision patients" 

Distance orientation -5.0D
Small text - Addition +40D
Headlines - Addition +32D
Near orientation - Addition +8.0D

"Shooting lens" 

Lens made for marskmen. The segment is positioned so that the marksman can aim through the sight and see the target. 

Segments design

These are our standard segments.


If the segment, optical centre or prism requires special prositioning, it will help us if you include a simple sketch of the frame indicating your precise requirements. 

Positioning the optical centres

One of the advantages of the ML Optio lens, compared to a normal bifocal or trifocal, is that the optical centre is precisely positioned even in the reading sections. This can be compared to a standard lens where the position of the reading centre depends on the lens power and cylinder. 

ML Optio Product Sheet

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