ML Prima+

Using the very latest in coating technology, where all parameters have been upgraded. Increasing transmission, more than 35% improved scratch resistance and an antistatic layer which significantly reduces dusts and spots. Finally, a satin layer that gives the lens a very slippery surface to make it really easy to clean.

ML Prima Sun

A coating designed for sunglasses. Both front and back surface has ML Dura to provide the best scratch resistance. The back surface has an ML Prima+ to increase the comfort and to reduce annoying reflexes on the back side of the lens.


A coating for PC lenses. Both front and back surface have a hard coat, but the back side also has an antireflective treatment. This increases comfort and reduce reflexes from the back side of the lenses.

ML Dura

Our hard coat treatment for improved scratch  resistance. Both sides of the lens are treated.

ML Mirror

A mirror coating in three different colours; Gold, silver and blue. Includes hard coat, sun coat and a mirror coating on the front of the lens. For good mirror effect we recommend ML Mirror on top of at least 50% colour.

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