Within our lens program, we are able to provide everything from simple optics to the most advanced individualized designs, of course always with a very generous power range. The difference between the different levels of optics is the final image quality. There are many factors that determines whether the wearer recognize these differences, such as powers, frame shape and what input data has been considered. Some are more sensitive to these differences than others. There is also a difference in how much we are ready to pay for quality optics.

ML Classic

Traditional spherical optics.
Both front and back surface has spherical geometry.
ADVANTAGE: Simple technology, easy and straight forward to produce.
DISADVANTAGE: The peripheral part of the lens refracts the light too much which causes a discrepancy in the focus points between the central part and the peripheral part. The higher power, the higher spherical aberration. Same impact for plus and minus lenses.

ML Atoric™

Back side atoric optics.
A traditionally aspheric lens has a generally molded front surface
to compensate the aberrations caused by the flatter base curves. ML Atoric™ compensates the aberrations in a better way than aspheric lenses, since it compensates for the exact individual power in both meridians.
ADVANTAGE: Higher optical quality and a little flatter and thinner lenses.
DISADVANTAGE: Only compensates for a visual angle straight forward through a non-tilted lens.

ML Perform™

Back side 3D fully optimized optics.
The ML Perform™ technology is a state-of-the-art technology based on an accurate simulation of the eye-lens model. ML Perform™ technology provides the best possible optical balance considering power, visual angle, pantoscopic tilt, frame form angle, prism, frame shape etc. In summary, this calculation takes into account all the variables that may have influence on the final visual quality.
Possible to include frame variables to make it even more individualized.
These are: Cornea Vertex Distance (CVD), Face Form Tilt (FFT) and Pantoscopic Tilt (PT).
ADVANTAGE: A fully balanced and optimized optical solution.
Highest possible optical quality and truly personalized.
DISADVANTAGE: This advanced lens needs more specific input
and precise fitting for best performance.


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