Frames for Children

Kids and glasses can be a troublesome combination. We have solutions that may help.

The requirements of a pair of glasses for kids differs to the requirements put on glasses for adults. Of course this applies to the frame, but the optics also have different requirements.

Frames – We have a few, but well-functioning frames for children. They are in kid-sizes and can sustain a not so careful usage, which is very important. Further on we have frames that are anti-bacterial and allergy-friendly. 

Small lenses – when it comes to the optics it can be very problematic to find lenses that can be optimized for small frames, which can result in unnecessarily thick glasses. We can make much smaller sizes when we produce our lenses, which means we can also make thinner lenses than most other lens suppliers can handle.

Optics for small children – Sometimes, kids get born with underdeveloped eyes. This means that they might need very high powers to be able to see. We produce a special type of lens that makes it possible to achieve the powers that are required (sometimes around +20).

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