Why is it important to protect my eyes?

Protect your eyes – They need to last a lifetime!

When we’re young we’re not very concerned about our vision, or why we should protect our eyes from harmful lights. But exposure can cause long-term damage.
Frequent exposure to sunlight also makes us more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) earlier in life. It’s a common condition among the elderly with a typical symptom being loss of central vision. Without central vision it’s hard to recognize faces, drive or even read.

Eye health awareness

In our daily lives, at work and in our leisure time, the eyes are more or less constantly exposed to harmful and unpleasant lights.
Instead of taking the vision for granted we should give our eyes the best possible chance of lasting a lifetime. The best way is to protect them from both hazardous UV rays as well as blue light. Eyelids and the skin around the eyes in particular, are also exposed to the risk of developing skin cancer.

Children’s eyes are five times more sensitive

Our eyes’ natural protection against harmful rays is not fully developed until our 20s and it starts to decrease after the age of 45. But since the eyes are five times more sensitive at a young age it’s of paramount importance for children to properly protect their eyes. Young people spend much time outdoors and by the age of 18 the eyes can already have been exposed to as much as 80% of the total UV light they’ll be exposed to during a lifetime.

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