Choose a frame

Choosing a frame

The basics when selecting a frame is to choose a frame that you like and that is adapted for the situation you intend to use it in. If you want to have filter tint all the time or just in special situations also affects the type of frame you should choose. We offer three types of frames:

Cover frames

The simplest way to add a filter is to put a pair of cover frames with filter lenses on top of your regular glasses. Our Cover frames are available in different filter colors, with various polarization (without, Pol 1 and Pol 3) and in different models and sizes.


Flip-up is a very convenient alternative if you’re looking for a solution that allows you to have the option of a filter wherever you go. It’s easy to attach to your regular glasses. The Flip-up solution is available with or without, and with all types of ML Filter, polarization filter etc.

Ordinary frames and sun frames

If you don’t need correction, we have a waste vast collection of readymade glasses with different filter lenses. Combining filter lenses with a frame of another brand is no problem at all.
If you need correction glasses, the most convenient solution is to get a pair of ML Filter glasses with individual powers. Just contact an optometrist / optician and they will help you.

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