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More protection

We need to protect our eyes against the intense and harmful short-wave ultraviolet light. But the blue light is also harmful and a common cause of eye disease, according to recent research.
The LED-light in computer screens, tablets and smartphones is a relatively new source of blue light, which we of course also should have proper protection from.
The ML Filter Lens offers 100% UV protection as standard and absorbs blue light in varying degrees, depending on the filter model.

Increased comfort

The high level of comfort is clear proof of how the lenses perform. When the hazardous and harmful blue light has been filtered out, your eyes can truly relax. The ML Filter lens will enable you to sustain longer periods in bright light without squinting, thereby preventing facial tension or headaches.

Better vision: better safety

Another advantage is improved vision: by filtering out the hazardous light, the lens filter allow more of the ‘good’ light to pass through. This means that a filter lens transmits more total light compared to traditional sunglasses – without reduced comfort. More light equals more information for the brain to work with, with improved vision as a result, when compared to traditional sunglasses. ML Filter Lenses also enhances contrasts. High depth perception brings a higher level of sharpness to the visual experience.
We call it ‘high vision’.

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