Case story

Meet Johan Sundberg, professional trekking guidee

”Sunglasses are one of the most important items in my equipment.”

In his work as a trekking guide, Johan Sundberg is exposed to extremely bright sunlight during long periods. He spends the summer season at high altitude in the Alps. Autumn, winter and spring he guides trekking groups along Mediterranean trails, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and through the Jordanian desert. With 22 years of experience as a professional guide he knows how important it is to protect the eyes.

– Cheap sunglasses that you buy in a gas station can actually do more harm than good. It’s a completely different experience, compared to when you use really good sunglasses. Sunglasses are as important as your hiking boots. It’s very different in the Alps, when you’re up at 3,000 meters, compared to your normal hiking back home.

Due to the extensive exposure of UV and bluish light Johan’s filter combination of choice is Filter 450 / Pol 3, which offers a powerful blue light filter and the darkest possible polarisation.

– After 10 hours at high altitude, among ice and snow, I used to suffer from tension headaches, even if I used sunglasses of category 4. But with my sunglasses from Multilens I feel totally relaxed, and I can notice that I haven’t been squinting. I have used many different sunglasses over the years, but although they have been category 4 glasses, I still found myself squinting.

The Filter Sunglasses became quite a new experience for Johan, who instantly noticed the difference the first time he tried them on.

– The lenses are by far the best I have tried. At first when you put them on they can feel too bright. But I felt how my face relaxed, so they obviously did some-thing I had been missing. So it’s not true any more to say ‘the darker lens the better’. Before, when Johan was driving his car he couldn’t use his category 4-glasses, since they were too dark.

– They were almost like welder’s goggles. With the Filter sunglasses it’s different. While they provide very good protection they are quite bright and never too dark, so I can use them all the time, when it’s partly cloudy, when I’m driving the car and even for skiing. So I see it differently now.

Johan also appreciates the enhanced contrast sensitivity that the Filter lens provides.

– While trekking in high alpine terrain it’s important to get a clear picture of your surroundings, also when it’s hazy or cloudy. The Filter lens really brings out the contours, and it’s very helpful when you scramble between the rocks because knowing where to put your feet is crucial.

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