Workshop: Specialty Contact Lens Workshops Continuing Education 9/9

Specialty Contact Lens Workshops Continuing Education


Aim: Give theoretical and practical knowledge in fitting specialty contact lenses for all refractive errors and irregular corneas, for example, Keratoconus

Education form: Lectures and clinical workshop

Friday 9 September 2022, 10:00 – 17:00

Language: English and Finnish


10:00 Specialty contact lenses – different options
Soft contact lenses, RGP, and Scleral lenses,
how to choose

11.00 Corneal lenses for irregular corneas
Rose K2 in different designs, how to choose a design, and the fitting steps

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Scleral lenses
The development of scleral lenses and the modern lenses we have today and the advantages of a scleral lens

14:00 Onefit and OnefitMED platforms
The structure of the modern scleral lenses and tools available
Routines for fitting and follow-up, including patient instructions

15.00 Clinical Workshop: Fitting Onefit scleral lenses

17:00 Summary and discussions


Robert Andersson - Head teacher, special fields of health care: 040 1418349
Eva Zschüttig Wigh
Auli Köresaar

Contact information
Kirsi Jylhä - Education planner: 040 6682369


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