ML Mono

ML Mono is used when the addition required is so high that binocular vision cannot be achieved even with the help of convergence prisms. The limit to which this is possible varies from induvidual to induvidual, but falls withing the range of 8 cm to 12 cm. A monocular system should always be considered if the reading distance is less than 10 cm. It is also highly advantageous, at very close reading distances, to be able to easily look over the lens in order to be able to get your bearings over distances that are longer than those for which the magnification had been determined.

It is often the case among people with reduced vision that one eye is noticeably better than the other and that the other eye is not used because it is so weak. The use of occlusion id then often necessary to treat the weaker eye. This lens blocks most of the vision while allowing light to pass through. Black and beige coloured patches are avalible if more opaque occlusion is necessary.

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