ML Mono

ML Mono is used when the addition required is so high that binocular vision cannot be achieved, or if only one eye is functioning.

ML Mono is reading glasses with high powers (more than +5.0) for one eye. The other lens is a plano lens or an occluded lens. ML Mono is intended for people with vision on only one eye or when the addition is too high to have binocular vision.

To have reading power on only one eye also lets us use a high addition for people with impaired vision. The short reading distance magnifies the retinal image and makes it possible to see small details.

  • Makes it possible for people with visual impairment to still read magazines, newspapers or books. If you need even more magnification, maybe ML A2 or ML Aplanat might be interesting.
  • Standard solutions can be used by most people since individual adjustment of pupilar distance is not nescessary since only one eye is used.
  • Can be optimal for hobby purposes and can be compared with magnifiers. The important difference is that you have the magnification in a frame and have both hands free to use.
  • The frames are developed to be robust and stable which is important when wearing high powered correction.

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