ML Binova® PRO

ML Binova Pro is the premium level for standardized products. They have qualities and details that gives unique comfort when reading. ML Prima+ is always included.


The lenses relieve your eye muscles, since they reduce the need for rotating the eyes inwards when reading. This creates a more comfortable reading, especially notable during long reading sessions and when shifting your focus from near to far many times a day.


Improves your vision by creating a clearer and undisturbed image.

High Quality Frames

All frames in ML Binova are high quality frames developed for this purpose. Light weight, flexible temples and durable are common descriptions for all our frames.

Wide Power Range

ML Binova® Pro is available in powers from +3.0 up all the way to +16.0.

ML Binova Pro Bifo

ML Binova Pro Bifo is a bifocal version of ML Binova. It enables binocular reading at shorter distances with two different additions. The upper section allows wearers to look at larger text and find their way around the page, and the lower section is used for reading smaller print.

The prisms in the different sections are accurately aligned to ensure greater prism in the lower section to compensate for the shorter reading distance.

The powers for ML Binova Pro Bifo standard are +3/+6 or +5/+8 and are available in the frame Athens black or havanna. ML Binova Bifo can also be custom-made to individual requirements.

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